Today, I want to discuss the issue of dark-siding your motorcycle.

Dark-siding is the practice of installing a car tire on your motorcycle as opposed to a tire that’s specifically designed for a motorcycle. Proponents of the dark-siding point out that car tires tend to be cheaper and tend to wear a little bit longer than motorcycle tires.

What The Critics Point Out

Critics point out that motorcycle tires are specifically designed to handle the unique riding characteristics of a motorcycle, specifically gripping the road as the motorcycle and the tires lean into corners and turns.

What Are The Legal Issues?

There is no law in Indiana that prohibits installing a car tire on a motorcycle rim although some motorcycle shops and some tire shops won’t do it. It could also void a warranty on your motorcycle if you install a car tire.

What Happens If There Is An Accident?

The issue will come up in the legal arena if an accident occurs and the maneuverability, handling, or stopping ability of the motorcycle is drawn into question. That happens in the vast majority of collision cases.

The opposing driver will likely hire an engineer or an accident reconstructionist. When he finds a car tire mounted on the motorcycle, he will probably argue that the motorcyclist gave up some ability to handle, maneuver, or stop the motorcycle by choosing to put a tire for a car on the motorcycle.

What You Should Do

Deciding whether to dark-side your motorcycle is a very personal decision and you should carefully weigh all the risks and benefits before you choose to do so. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to reach out to me and we’ll talk things through. As always, stay safe and enjoy the ride.